Autumn Leaves

When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall

by Craven and Valley Life

Autumn is the best time of the year to incorporate earth tone colours into your home decorations. The return of cooler temperatures, autumn colours, and nature changing before our eyes is all the evidence we need that autumn is almost upon us. Adding autumn touches of decor to your home will help you transition into the new season with excitement of the passing of the year. From the exterior to the interior of your home, autumnal decor colours can be rich and robust or subtle and subdued. Here’s some decorating ideas to help your house change with the season…

Display autumnal artwork

In your front foyer or located on a predominate wall; autumnal artwork can change the mood in your home instantly. Consider nature themes in oranges, rusts, and golden yellows.

Showcase seasonal décor

Your fireplace mantel has been waiting for this season! Whether you look in your yard, or you travel to an arts and crafts store, dried leaves and pine cones make great décor. Small pumpkins, dried leaf vines, and colourful candles will brighten your mantle and spirits.

Get cosy

As the temperatures begin to fall, bring out the coloured throw blankets to place on couches or in adjacent baskets. Complimenting autumn coloured throw pillows will complete any cosy nook for you cuddle up and enjoy a good book.

Bring the aromas of fall into your home

Autumnal decor can be visual but it also involve your other senses like smell. Pumpkin pies, cinnamon apple cider, and first burning of your fireplace are all welcome aromatic ways to make your home feel full of autumn inspiration. Consider using candles, incense, or boil a pot of spices – cinnamon sticks, cloves, and nutmeg to instantly transport your home into autumn mode.

Bring autumn to the exterior of your home with light

Luminaries are not just for the winter holiday season, they are perfect for fall too as the sun starts to set earlier in the afternoon. Battery powered candles placed inside paper bags with sand in the bottom, makes perfect luminaries.

Start preparing for Halloween

Use pumpkins and shades of orange and black throughout your home to get ready for this holiday in October.