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Top Dog – and Cat!

by Craven and Valley Life

Craven’s canine population is invited to share in Kingsway Vets recent celebration in achieving Veterinary Hospital Status from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Canine chums, their feline friends and owners will benefit from a free microchipping service ahead of the change in the law on 6th April which requires all dogs to be microchipped and registered to an approved database.

The service is being offered free to new and existing clients of the practice as gesture of good will to help pet owners to comply with this government legislation without any financial implication.

Veterinary expert, Bob Pettit, explains: “It’s really important that dog owners understand they could potentially face a fine of up to £500 if their dogs are not microchipped in line with the new legislation. There are many positive benefits to having your dog microchipped anyway. If he or she is ever lost it will be a quick and efficient way for your pet to be reunited with you. We’ve decided to extend the free service to cat owners too as we always recommend that cats are chipped and registered as part of responsible ownership.”

Kingsway Vets

the team at Kingsway

Using a specially designed implanting device, the microchip is injected through a sterile needle under the pet’s skin between the shoulder blades, causing no more discomfort than a standard vaccination and no anaesthetic is required. The microchip remains completely inactive until it is scanned, when its unique number is transmitted to the scanner.

The owner is given documentation to keep, including the microchip number and details of the database managing the registration. Change of address and contact details can be made easily online or by telephone.

Any pet owner not already registered with Kingsway is also invited to have a free initial consultation with the vet regarding any other issue upon registration during the practice’s celebratory period following the new Veterinary Hospital status accolade. Owners can book an appointment for microchipping or free consultation at the reception desk of the Otley Road hospital or the Silsden and Crosshills branches, or calling 01756 793224.