The Royal Family’s Favourite Plants and Planting Information

by Craven and Valley Life


The Director of Polhill Garden Centre, Josh Novell, has weighed in and shared his expertise on how we can all celebrate the Coronation of King Charles in style this coming May.

Josh says, “For many people in the UK, the royal family is a source of national pride, representing the country and its values on a global scale and many people admire their interests and culture.”

King Charles – Delphinium

King Charles’  favourite flowers are quite hardy and can even survive the winter, provided that the Delphimuims are sheltered from the harsh weather in a greenhouse or shed.

Josh says, “Delphiniums have a long bloom life and are generally low maintenance making them the ideal flower to have in your garden. They are not only stunning but come in a wide variety of different colours such as blue, purple, pink and white and can feature single or double flowers.”

“Delphiniums can be grown in a variety of locations and are naturally versatile. They can brighten up any border, rock garden, container or flower arrangement. These plants are also very attractive to bees and butterflies, improving biodiversity within your garden.”

Delphiniums are generally easy to grow and maintain:

  • Best to be grown in a sunny position in moist, yet well-drained soil.
  • Best planted with a mixture of your garden soil and a good quality tree and shrub compost.
  • Can be planted in spring or early summer.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge – Hyacinths

Josh says, “Hyacinths are easy to care for and can thrive in many different environments. They prefer full sun and well-drained soil, but will tolerate partial shade as well.” 

“If planted in the right location, these flowers can bloom for up to six weeks. The bulbs should be planted in early spring, preferably before the last frosts of winter have passed. Once planted, they will require minimal attention throughout the growing season.”

Hyacinths are quite resistant to disease and pests, so they won’t require any additional care beyond occasional watering and the occasional trimming or pruning.

  • They prefer full sun and well-drained soil.
  • The bulbs should be planted in early spring.
  • The holes for planting should be about twice as deep as the bulb and a few inches apart from each other.

Princess Anne – Helleborus

Josh says “These flowers are highly attractive to pollinators such as bees and butterflies, which makes it a great choice for anyone looking to attract wildlife to their garden. Not unlike Hyacinths, these plants are sturdy and can easily withstand the changing weather conditions in the UK.” 

“They are a fantastic all-round plant and are happy in most environments as long as the soil is not too wet. They can appear as heart-shaped foliage and stunning cup-shaped flowers of white, yellow, pink, purple and even black.”


  • Should be planted in spring, when temperatures are still cool and there is no danger of frost.
  • The best time to plant is when the soil temperatures are between 10 and 20°C.
  • The holes for planting should be about twice as deep as the bulb and a few inches apart from each other.

Princess Diana – White Roses

Josh says, “White roses are classic, timeless and look stunning and they add a touch of grace and beauty in any garden location. White roses can be planted in almost any environment and prefer a full-sun location.”

White Roses:

  •  Are best to be planted in early spring or early summer.
  • The holes for planting should be about twice as deep as the bulb and a few inches apart from each other, with plenty of space.

Royal Inspired Plant Pots

In 1952, when Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne, she also became a royal patron of the RHS in June that year. Horticulture and the great outdoors was something that our late Queen was passionate about and King Charles is also incredibly passionate about promoting horticulture and gardening in Britain.

Josh says, “The favourite plants of the royals would look stunning in our wide range of RHS pots. These pots are a fantastic way to honour the Royal Family and add an essence of the family into your garden to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles.”

The pots are influenced by the RHS’s commitment to inspiring everyone to grow, and they highlight the beauty of plants and the enormous benefits of gardening. Prices start from £16.99.

Seating Your Loved Ones in Style

Josh says, “Being outdoors with your family in good weather has a range of benefits. It is a chance to catch up with everyone which boosts mental health, relationships and creates a sense of togetherness.”

Being outdoors with loved ones has physical, mental, and social benefits that can help to improve your overall quality of life.

  • Can be relaxing – Being in the garden can relieve stress and create a sense of calm.
  • Fresh air – Being outside in the garden can provide fresh air and sunlight, which can help to boost your mood and overall health.

If you are planning to throw a party to remember to honour the King’s Coronation, Polhill has the ideal furniture to host your family get-together.

Josh says, “We are experts in all things outdoors, and our growing range of furniture offers a comfortable place for your family to sit and enjoy the sun, along with being very sustainable and lasting for many years to come.”

Dust Off the BBQ!

May is not only a time for coronation celebrations, but it’s also BBQ month!

Josh says “The BBQ season is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited! The winter months have felt long and we are so ready for sun, BBQs, food, family, friends, and drinks. BBQ events are usually held outside, which can be a great way to enjoy the warm weather and get some fresh air with your family and friends.”

Polhill has a new and exciting range of BBQ pizza ovens too, which are ideal for catering for larger Coronation parties.

Holding BBQs are often associated with cultural and regional traditions, so this season is the ideal time to organise a meaningful get-together with friends, family and the local community and celebrate the Coronation together.