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Explore the Barnoldswick Countryside (3 miles) | Walks

by Craven and Valley Life

Distance: 3 miles

Time: 2 hours

Barnoldswick walkThis route takes you to the lower slopes of Weets, giving panoramic views over Barnoldswick.

1. From the Gisburn Road post box, walk towards town, turning first right at Harper Street to the modern houses on Priory Way.

2. At the T-junction at the top of Priory Way turn left and you will see public footpaths marked. Take the right fork towards a stable yard.

3. Take the footpath to the right of the stable-yard gate. The entrance to this path is marked by an upright stone slab.

4. The fenced path crosses a beck and leads up to a wooden step stile. This stile shows two markers; follow the left-pointing arrow down to a shallow ford.

5. Pass through the wooden gate and follow the arrow straight up the hill.

6. At the top of the field go through the wooden gate stile and follow the yellow footpath arrow pointing to your right, in front of the Cow Pasture Barn houses and behind Cow Pasture Farm House. This leads to a wooden step stile and
beyond to a small wooden gate leading into a fenced footpath.

Barnoldswick Walks7. At the top of this fenced pathway you pass through another gated stile and come to a gravel track that leads up to Hollins.

8. Bearing slightly right you will see a wooden stile with its footpath marker on your left. Cross over this stile and continue uphill. On your right is an area known to many locals as Humpty Dumpties – you will see why as you reach the top of this section.9. The footpath marker shows you a sharp left bend over a shallow beck and a stone step stile. Immediately over the stone stile turn sharply right, heading uphill.

10. Over the next wooden stile which has wooden boards to avoid the boggy ground, you enter a field and the footpath continues straight up to a high stone step stile. Pause here to enjoy the panoramic views.

11. The footpath leads you diagonally across the field ahead until you join a track. You will find two stone markers where the path meets the track and you will be looking towards Far Newfield Edge.

12. Now retrace your steps, heading back down to the high stone stepstile. This gives you an opportunity to see Barnoldswick comfortably nestled in its countryside.

back of Priory Close

back of Priory Close

13. Continue on downhill and over the wooden stile which you crossed at step 10.

14. Further down, do not follow the marker pointing left but continue downhill in the field, following the curve of the hedgerow until you see a stile at the bottom of this field.

15. Footpath markers at this stile direct you straight across the track, into and across another field. This field rewards you with a magnificent display of flowers in spring time and early summer.

16. At the far side of the field a gate stile and marker direct you slightly to the right, across another grassy area to a track and cattle grid

17. Turn left onto this track. Pass the side of Cow Pasture Farm and you will see you have completed a loop.

18. With Cow Pasture Barn on your left, pass through the wooden gate stile and follow the footpath markers that lead you back down the field and across the forded beck.

19. At the top right of the slight rise facing you is the stile and path leading back to the stables and then to Priory Way, Harper Street and Gisburn Road.

Weets Hill