amanda lamb

Ask the Expert

by Craven and Valley Life

amanda lambColne Life caught up with property TV expert Amanda Lamb to gather her top tips on current home trends.

What will we be seeing in our home interiors this summer?

I think in home interiors at the moment there’s a real trend away from the whole magnolia, plain minimalistic look. I think people are getting more confident using colours, there’s a resurgence in wallpaper which I think is ever so exciting, as I’m quite a fan of wallpaper. I think people are just being a lot bolder with their design choices.

Do you think we should be changing our interiors by the season?

I would recommend changing your style as and when you feel the need to. Never ever be dictated by what the fashion says you should be doing with your property. For me, I really like the juxtaposition between old and new, I like mixing and matching, there’s a lot of upcycling going on at the moment, it’s a really interesting, fun time in interiors.

The easiest way to add value to your house?

An easy way to add value? Kitchens and bathrooms always add value to a property. Decluttter it, freshen it up, give it a lick of paint from top to bottom get rid of all the junk – we have far too much clutter in our lives so declutter it, and think about your Kerb appeal as well, think about what the property looks like from the outside, not just the inside.

Tell me about conservatories…

A little bit about conservatories? I think what you’re seeing at the moment is that a lot of people can’t afford to move up so what they’re doing is they are extending their existing properties, whether that be a conservatory, a loft extension, a basement conversion, any of that. Anything you can do to gain a little bit more square meterage is great.

Where is a property hot spot at the moment?

If you’re talking abroad I think there any some bargains to be had in Spain and Florida, but my biggest piece of advice would be buy where you want to buy. Don’t buy where people dictate you should buy.

So it seems that wooden floors are ‘out’ at the moment – what would you say is the most relevant flooring at the moment?

Oh my god, I’ve never been asked that before. I think you need to think about it from a practical point of view. You know, how do you live? Do you have dogs, do you have pets? Do you have children? If you have, doesn’t matter whether wooden floors are out, get them in! Because obviously look at your lifestyle, look at what you’ve got and what you need.